Why isn’t General Electrics paying ANY federal income tax???

If you watched a bit of Bill O’Reilly last Friday night, then perhaps  you are already aware that General Electrics, a company that raked in over Five Billion with a B in profits last year paid zero in federal income taxes.  How much did you pay?  How much did the laundry mat or the mom and pop small business owners pay to the federal government.  Most likely, they or perhaps you, paid a great proportion of the money you made to the federal government–money that could have gone to your children, your overworked self or perhaps you would have liked to have saved it for hard times that may be coming up ahead.  At any rate, that money is now gone into the black hole of the federal government.  It will pay for things like Head Start.  By the way, the head start in Orange County California currently takes in about $40 million dollars and serves only 40,000 children.  That means that to take care of a preschool child for about 3 hours a day, it takes the federal government, which in the case of Head Start is part of the Human Health and Services department $100,000 a year to take care of a preschooler.  Since there is zero educational curriculum in head start, it is very much a glorified baby sitting center with the buerocrats who over see it making high five and six figure salaries.  Unfortunately, this program was not cut in the current HR1 bill that went from the house to the senate and WE but not GE, will have to keep sending our hard earned money to spend $40 million dollars a year to serve under 40 thousand children in Orange County California.  By the way, these programs will likely not advance childrens understanding of English or culture because the adults put into the classroom are predominently Spanish-speaking and it is relatively improper form of English, which if anything will have a negative impact when children are then thrust into their Union classrooms with teachers who also speak poor English and are grossly overpaid to be glorified babysitters.  So thank you so much General Electrics for putting so much money into the Obama campaign in 2008 so that he could go after big business and put an end to the selfishness that is going on in America.  Thank you so much for putting him into the Executive branch so that he could “spread the wealth” from the greedy companies raking in millions and billions of dollars on the backs of Americans and then not putting it back into the system.  After all, by now we all know taht the way government controls schools, preschools and soon, our healthcare, is oh so much better than what us individuals could do on our own.


One Response to Why isn’t General Electrics paying ANY federal income tax???

  1. Could you please give me more details about GE not paying federal taxes? Is it possible to find an official source about it? Tks (Alberto Corbino, Italy)

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