Can Star Parker Beat Laura Richardson in the 2010 mid-term?

Laura Richardson has a FICA score of 570, which is significantly lower than mine.  In fact, never in my young adult life or in my times between jobs have I ever had a FICA score as low as Laura Richardson the current representative in congress representing CA-37.  This area includes Compton and parts of Long Beach. 

The Republican opposing her for 2010 is Star Parker.  If you check out Real Clear Politics or Larry Sabato’s crystal ball site, this election is nowhere on the map.  I find this odd and it can not figure out why they would exclude this race from their otherwise comprehensive rundowns of the 2010 races.  Star Parker is certainly dangerous to the Margaret Sanger liberal agenda.  Whether she wins this race or not, she is more dangerous to the liberals than Sarah Palin.  Star Parker is particularly dangerous to the racists liberals.  Racists liberals are very convert/hostile or is passive aggressive a better way to put it towards Americans who happen to be black.  You will often hear them say things to the effect of “he is electable because he has no trace of a negro dialect” a la Harry Reid; or Chris Mathews, “…pretty intellilgent…for a black person…”  If somebody conservative says something questionable you can bet your bottom dollar that other conservatives will follow suit.  Liberals are constantly covering up the racism that exists in the democrat party and particularly, in the liberal mind.  Perhaps the most disgusting example of this was Barack Obama and Bill Clinton propping up West Virginia’s Robert Byrd.  They could not call a spade a spade.  Instead they harped that as a 40-something year old man, Byrd was a conflicted man, a sort of victim. 

Very strange indeed, that liberals would call a conservative woman like Star Parker an “Uncle Tom.”  I would tell Star Parker if I were to meet her in person to keep doing what she is doing and keep fighting the good fight on the policies that she knows America needs to stay the nation we are and to never see American’s with darker skin color become slaves again.  The food stamp and cash aid program a.k.a welfare, encourages the continuation of slavery.  It encourages so many Americans, many of them blacks to depend on somebody other than themselves, while at the same time restricting what income they can earn, what car and house they may own. The food stamp program does not allow recipients to own property of more than $2,000, including the amount of money in a checking account.  Food stamp program gives incentive for men and women, mothers and fathers to not be married, because, after all, there is always Uncle Tom.


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