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  1. WOW, I finally find someone else who was interested in the CA 37th race….I worked on the campaign, I was co-directing the Compton office…..I also have re-started (after working on the Parker campaign) my blog talk radio, and am telling you there is NO WAY Star lost like that(the night before the election she called a spontaneous townhall, really it was mostly us campaign workers, and CLEARLY she was speaking as if it was over, as if YES, its pretty clear without stating that outright)….I am working on a blog post right now about Bowen (Secy of State) and her “letter” about voting for the dead Opreza (sp) the woman who died mid oct who WON that election….Bowen urged (letters sent only to D and declined to states) to vote for her, however, it wasnt on letterhead of CA but says “from the Secy of State “….I have a copy its known……there is something that happened in the 37th, I worked the area I worked the phones, Richardson hardly campaigned!! my blog talk radio latest is posted on my new website, its a rant but give it a listen….www.thecaliforniablaze.com I would love to have you as a guest….and check out my Anita Moncrief interview too, it is calling out by her, she witnessed it, the ACORN scandal….

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