Will Darrell Issa defeat Applegate in 2016?

If you know anything about Darrell Issa, it would be obvious why Nancy Pelosi would be after him.  I remember watching him capture on a handycam video a bunch of Democrats escaping through a back door of the house so that they could avoid voting on a bill that would be wildly unpopular where they come from–unpopular to the little people they “represent”.  Cowardly, the Dem Reps shuffled out the door.  Bravely, Issa got them on video with their pants basically down.

This is why I love Darrell Issa.

This is why it would be horrible if folks in North County San Diego are duped and vote for this Applegate guy.  The “col” part of his name is prominently displayed on the mailers he sends to patronize to the Military Vets–but make no mistake.  He is a pawn of the left at best.

Pelosi has poured in gobs of money trying to make it appear as though Issa does not care about what occurred on September 11th, 2001.  That was bothersome.  Then they try to make it appear as though he has some sort of conflicted interests a la the Clinton Foundation.  All pathetic untruths.

Unfortunately, Applegate has used the Trump/Billy Bush video to make it appear that Issa is at fault for Trump using the word “Fanny”– or was it “Pussy”?  I can not recall at this point.  All I know is that the dialogue was no more extreme than what you would hear on every other HBO Original Series programming.  In fact, the Trump talk was tame in comparison.

If Darrell Issa does lose this particular term–I think he merely needs to run again in the next mid-term election.  No matter what the outcome, Issa should not give up the fight.






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