Do Americans Care about Julian Assange?

Do Americans care about Julian Assange?  Yes.  They do.  If they don’t, they should.  He is the nucleus of free-speech.  I do not agree with breaking into, hacking and publishing Pentagon and Military information that would put US troops in danger.  That is now what Julian Assange is about.

Julian Assange never bothered the American left until he started to leak emails sent around the Clinton Campaign that revealed their racism, collusions with the so-called free-media–which is undeniably actually a state-sponsored media when it comes to protecting the left

Many Americans have lost sleep over Assange.  If we puzzle the pieces together, John Kerry met with some world leaders in the open and on the secret side met with the leader of Ecuador.  Ecuador being a small player was bullied into switching off Assange’s internet connection so that Assange’s mission would be terminally aborted–at least until the election.  This is bad enough for us Americans to be cut off from Assange.  The more frightening aspect is the uncertainty of it all–are they going to assassinate Julian Assange?  Is he still alive?  Will we ever gain access to the information he obtained?

Assange’s quest to breakdown the façade has changed my thinking.  More and more my own country is no longer the country that once was.  There is no more free-speech.  Sixteen states of voting machines that were provided by companies with close ties to George Soros.  When the Obama administration, who allowed Bob Creamer (the guy hiring and training mentally ill and homeless to put disrupt Trump rallies putting themselves and others in danger) at least 345 meetings at the white house 45 of which Barack Obama was present, things change for me.  When I think of Bill Clinton taking $1 million dollars from Qatar for a birthday present and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation taking $50 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (while 9/11 families struggle), I can not support my own country.  Obama tried to blame WikiLeaks on Vladimir Putin to which Vladimir Putin says he has no interest in the United States Election.


If Russia is suppose to be the enemy I do not see that.  The real enemy here is the Obama/Clinton Doctrines which allow the United States to provide billions of dollars to the number one state sponser of terrorism which fund ISIS (or ISIL as Obama respectively calls them).  In that case–the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  I hope Assange is okay and I hope that he has a back-up plan for what the United States (in using the puppet of Ecuador) has done.  There is no more Free-Speech in the United States.  What exists now is merely a faded version of what once existed.  It will only disappear completely as it is the only way the liberal left can cover their tracks.


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