Can NEEL KASHKARI beat JERRY BROWN FOR California’s Gov in 2014?

This year on Flag Day 2014 I ended up attending a Republican event in which Senator Mike Lee from Utah was a keynote speaker and pretty much all the Orange County folks who happen to be Republican seemed to show up to this event. I was there by default. The weekend before I had met just about the coolest guy ever from Redondo Beach and though his breath smelled a bit of Marijuana when I first ran into him, I had fallen into “Like” (not “Love”) with him. By the next Tuesday, he called me to let me know we basically wouldn’t be seeing much of each other anymore for various reasons. In order to get over my grief of getting over the guy I had fallen into Like with, I went online to do some impulse shopping. Instead of buying a pair of Ugg boots or a Naked Zebra top, I ended up purchasing a ticket to the Orange County Repubican Flag Day Event. It would give me something productive to do the next weekend as I mourned the loss of the Redondo Beach guy.

As you might imagaine, I do not hold very much political clout. I arrived at the event, checked in, got a drink and took a seat at my assigned table in the corner, table #42. As other people arrived at my table I got to know them, the Nguyens, Mr. Chavez and then One guy arrived at table #42, took a seat and introduced himself as Neel Kashkari. “Oh!” I had said, “You’re running for governor!” As I said this, my thought was that he was running for governor–why was he sitting at the table in the corner? I was a bit worried that maybe he was not well liked–among Orange County Republicans?

I let Mr. Kashkari know that I had voted for him and that I thought he had a great position on the primary ballot–his name had been at the top of the list. I did not mention that thought I identified more with Tim Donnelly, I was deterred from voting for him because a few days before the primary there was a group of people off of Imperial holding a Donnelly sign. They had kids with them and one of those kids was wearing high-heeled shoes marketed and sold for kids to wear. Anyways, I was a bit annoyed by the high-heeled shoes on a six-year old. I think that combined with Kashkari’s position on the ballet locked in my decision because I had very little time to seriously look at any of the issues. I also got to meet Kashkari’s significant other who is originally from the Phillipines but works much of the time in New York. Hopefully, she is able to help him in the campaign as they are an attractive couple.

Kashkari, over the summer filled in for the Jon & Ken Show on 640 KFI. I do not remember the exact date–but it occured the same night that I was driving down to Lake Forest to watch the movie Wall-E in Cherry Park. If more people were following the issues, Kashkari would be banking a ton of Libertarian Votes. At the time he was challenging Jerry Brown to a debate and he was Jon & Ken were going to let Brown fill in for them on another occasion. So now the summer is basically over and it looks like there is going to be a debate on September 4th, 2014. However, it appears that the folks moderating it are a bunch of San Francisco Jerry Brown minions. I expect the moderators will know doubt Candy Crawley it a bunch. However, I am quite interested to see how Neel Kashkari will deflect all the punches that will be handed to him. Kashakri is hardly the stick figure that Meg Whitman was last time around. There is, I think, a chance that Kashkari’s momentum and recognition can pick up from now into November–he just needs a really good moment that goes seriously viral and wakes up Californians to the idea that he is at this time, the best man for the job.

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