The thing that makes a guy attractive or unattractive; appealing or unappealing, by far, is the way that he thinks. If he thinks about on the level of a box of blocks, then it is difficult to star into his eyes and see anything outside of box of blocks. Perhaps one of the dumbest thing ever said by one of the individuals that People magazine has delegated as their so called “sexiest man alive” was said by Brad Pitt when, upon the release of his movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he said that if everyone would not purchase a CD for $10 and instead donate $10 to Africa, then world hunger would go away. What astouned me most was that during the promotion of his own movie, he could not seem to bring himself to say, “Instead of spending $10 to see this stupid movie a am the so-called star of, could you donate it to Africa. It sure would make a dent in saving Africa.”

Moving on to George Clooney, here is but one of his dumb statements, that his big regret in life is that he “…has not done enough for the people of Darfur….” Not done enough? Dude, you parade and jet set all over the world with your exclusive villas in France and you expect to the world to perceive that in relation to your income and resources you have done a thing for Darfur. Please, could you please, at least for a split second, get over your pathetic self.

I will be brief, because this is all really about Justin Beiber. I am not sure I have spelled his name correctly, but I am hoping that if you have read this far then you will know who I am talking about. If given the chance to spend any substatntial amount of time with Justin, George or Brad, the ultimatel choice will, by a huge landslide, for many women, old geriatric age, to young babbling tween be that of Justin Beiber. The primiary reason being that Justin Beiber has not yet said anything so dumb that it makes him out to be as intelligent as a box of blocks. This is not to say that down the road he will not be spoon fed or is not currently being spoon fed stupid stuff to say by all his managers and handlers but so far, he has a good lead.

I must say though there are a few who so far rank ahead of Jusin–those being Bradley Cooper, Ed Norton and Jonas Goldberg. Those are about the only ones I can think of that do not meet down to the ‘box of blocks’ category so far.

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