What makes the movie The Descendent an incestuous movie?

I rarely watch movies, but once in a blue moon, I think that there might be a slight chance, that I might be entertained or find a movie enjoyable. From now on, it should be quite obvious that if a movie is acclaimed or the winner of any sort of award–Academy Award or whatever the award, it is likely a red flag that it is a dumb movie, not worth seeing. I took a venture today against this policy and went to see the movie the Descendents. About 15 minutes into it, I could not help but to identify an underlying sexually incestuous relationship between the dad and the 17 year old daughter. There were just certainh odd scenes–him wanting to have the deep conversation with her while she is in a bikini; them constantly leaning into eachother, the responsibility he puts on her to look after the little sister–when at the very end, it is a social worker, who suddenly pops in to break the plugpulling news to the 10 year old. The second to the last scene has the 17 year old in a blue bikini on one end and UncleDad George on the other. The boat bops up and down, somewhat sensually, as the ashes of the gross mother are dumped into the water. The little sister is in the middle. Then the last scene UncleDad George brings out a bowl of strawberry ice cream for the 10 year old and a bowl of mocha ice cream for himself. A moment later, the 17 year old daughter gets under the covers, snuggling up to UncleDad George and she and him share the mocha icecream together. This movie has an underlying sexuality between the 17 year old daughter and the father. Other annoying things about this movie is the ongoing pity-party as he tells everyone he is going to pull the plug on mom because, of course, conveniently, it was in her will. It allows for getaways to other Hawaiian Islands, where the 17 year old lies in the beach, with the bikini of her back untied, while the younger 10year old leans into the teen daughters so-called boyfriend. Then, while flipping through the Adult Moviescategory at the hotel, will into their clicking around the different titles, only then does uncledadddy George, put his hand down. One of the stupidist elements of this movie are that constantly refer to the mother as was is/had have–unsure of how to refer to her status as past or present. I could go on about how dumb this movie was and hope this will remind me that if a movie has any honors at the dopey award shows–then it is one to skip. Kevin Costner and George Clooney movies often have a filmography where they are in movies cast with handfuls of teen girls–often playing subliminal sexual roles off of the girl. Be it in the capacity as them being the actual father, step father or friend of the mother. This movie was not far from Lolita–when the mother is out of the picture, the daughter becomes the woman–and though the Clooney character and the 17 year old character never have a full on sex scene–the sexuality between them was a constant thread through out this movie.

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