How to buy drugs in Mexico? (Prescription drugs, that is)

I have not beeen on a vacation in awhile and have not had a day off from work in awhile. I take it many of you out there are in the same boat as myself. If you have been struggling to stay afloat in your daily life for the last couple of years or perhaps the last couple of decades, then I do recommend taking some time off from work to properly take care of yourself. If you are here, it may be because you have had problems with the medical system here in the U.S trying to control everything you do when in all likelyhood, it is you who best knows your body, soul and spirit. I hope this will be helpful to anyone who needs it.

You will need either a passport or the new passsport card to allow yourself to cross back and forth into and out of Mexico. If you are on the East Coast, then come over to the West Coast. California is what I am most familiar with. Get yourself a car with a tank of gas and had down I-5, South. Depending on your starting point, you will go through Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Pull off on Dairy Mart Exit, pull into the first strip mall you see and go ahead and purchase the Mexican Auto Insurance. Even though your own insurance may cover much of your journey from the US to Mexico, it will be good to have should anything happen.

Get back on I5 South and soon you will enter Mexico. There is no one single way to do this–this is just a safe route that I recommend. Head towards Rosarito Beach area. Once you are in Rosarito Bearch you can stop at Hospital Banorte and have a consultation with a Physician. He will right the prescriptions you need whatever that might be—zit medicine, lets say. You have just saved yourself a trip to the Primary Phsyician and Specialist Dermatologist. Once you have your prescription, go across the street to Roma Pharamcy. They will fill your prescriptions.

I do have vacation pictures I would love to share with you have all the beautiful sights in Puerta Nueva and the view from Rosarito Beach Hotel. I would love to post all the pictures of the characters from the Mercado and the unique personalities; but unfortunately, I took them with an Apple Phone, and have know means of downloading them onto anything and taking them off the phone. When I went to the Apple store at the Brea Mall, it sounded like I would have to spend a fortune to buy compatible hardward and software. So until then, my pictures of my pharamceutical drug vacation (which I treasure like babies) I am not able to share because I have sold my soul to the devil when getting the iphone. Or so that is how I feel right now. If anything changes I will post the pictures so you could see for yourself.

The tricky part of the your pharmaceutical drug vacation in Mexico, will no doubt, be getting back. I was with an experienced Mexico-traveler and it was not a simple task because the road we would have taken was shut down and we went all around Tijuana and got so lost Josue, who was selling Churos got into the backseat of the car and helped us to navigate the way out. Good luck to you in the planning of your getaway. Buenos Noches.

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