Warren Buffett and Obama: 2007/2008 & 2011/2012 – Repeat play about rich

Democratic strategist must clearly think Americans are pretty stupid. Warren Buffett took the stage in the 2007-2008 election era and insisted Barack Obama would be the best president of all time because Buffett was rich and payed a lower tax rate than that of his assistant secretary.

In the middle of this story Barack Obama wins the election and has been president for well over 3years. He has had much time to take action against rich people like Buffett and protect the poor administrative secretaries. Obama is in charge of the IRS, treasury, Geithner. The whole shebang.

Now it is a new election cycle. 2011-2012 to be exact and earlier this week, who other than Warren Buffett was giving a speech about why Obama needed to be re-elected. In it, he sited that he was being taxed at a lower rate than his very own secretarial assistant.

Good Grief!

I will repeat this. Obama is in charge and has been in charge of the whole shebang. If this was such a big deal about Warren Buffett and his secretary–then why could that not have been accomplished in Obama’s first day in office. Okay, first 100 days in office. First 500 days in office?

I would like to publicly tell Obama and Buffett to not come crying to me or lamenting to me. This is a ploy Billionaires use to go after hundred-thousanddollar-aires so that they will not be able to move up to the next brackets to the top.

Obama is in charge of the IRS, treasury, Geithner. The whole shebang.

Just like Al Gore, when running for president in 2000 complained that the state of America was poor because as he spoke a girl in Florida had no desk at school–he lost that election because enough of us were smart enough to figure that if he had two terms as Vice-President and could not get a girl a desk–why would we extend anything more to them?

Mr. Obama? Mr. Buffett? Comprende?

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