Are People using EBT Victims or Bullies? Are EBT users self-serving or selfless? Can EBT cards be used at Burger King.

If you are wondering if your EBT card can be used at Burger King, I have good news for you–according to the big sign outside of the Burger King in Downey, CA–it can!!! I will post this picture here shortly so that Michelle Obama and the bureaucracy running her food nutrition programs can include it in their brochures.

It is not mean nor is it a waste of time to question where are tax payer money goes–whether it be a 200 toilet seat the military purchased, a 100,000 make over for an office of an LA City Councilmen (forget his name but check the jon and ken archives on 640 KFI and read it for yourself) or how many twinkies are purchased in the EBT Food Card or bottles of beer on the Cash side of an EBT card. Taxpayers also have a say in what we pay or do not pay elected officials, government employees and so on…

To the folks who find me selfish for being critical of your purchases of junk food, fast food and elaborate cakes with an EBT card, I hope you have been following the news enough to know that in the last seven days over 600,000 children between the ages of 1-5 died of malnourishment–please know that if taxpayers were not bogged down wiping the small details of your ass–we could have sent more bags of rice and foreign aid over to these children and I can not help but think that they could otherwise still be alive today.

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3 Responses to Are People using EBT Victims or Bullies? Are EBT users self-serving or selfless? Can EBT cards be used at Burger King.

  1. dawn says:

    I am soooooo sorry if the random puchase of twinkies for my 3 year old with my EBT card really puts you off because YOUR tax paying dollars solely go to my twinkies, get over yourself, like I said i worked for nearly 15 years before I have HAD to get EBT, I work, I do NOT sit on my ass, stop being so judgmental , frankly there are other things in this world people need to worry about…

    • natalie says:

      I agree I too worked for ten years and debated getting on food stamps to feed my kids it was either that or loose the house we lived in and be homeless. I have used my card to buy my kids a small cake for their birthday because I think they deserve to be happy and not worry weather mom has money or not. Now as for john and ken I think they are complete assholes just like you for making fun of people on food stamps. Instead think that you are blessed for not needing them. USA always helps other fucking countries and for once they are helping their own so stop being such a stuck up bitch and realize the truth

  2. Tim says:

    like what? where my money is going? If you cannot afford to support yourself or even if you just need a hand up becasue you’re in a rut, you don’t deserve treats.

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