Can you buy a $45 bakery made cake with EBT/FOODSTAMPS/SNAP? Part 2

Part 1 has become my most viewed post so in celebration of all the proponents and opponents of tax dollars going to luxury fish items, bakery made cake, Sugary-Twinkie type snacks which Michelle Obama scolds then funds and so on…I have brought in part two. You might find yourself out there wondering…Can I use my EBT/FOODSTAMP/SNAP card at KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken? If you live near Long Beach you can use them at the one off on Lincoln? So Michelle Obama is going to tell taxpayers that they should no longer be allowed to frequent fast food and that the school lunches are horrible because they resemble a fast food restaurant–but at the same time she is going to allow people who take the very same tax dollars that are being paid out by the taxpayers and it is completely kosher to use them at Jack in the Box and KFC. McDonalds is the big loser in all this. It appears they did not donate enough to radical left wing political causes to appease the Obamas.

Here are a few suggestions for modifying foodstamps:

1. Before a person is able to go on food stamps they must have the signatures of 10 family members (parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, nieces, uncles, aunts, nephews etc.) stating that they themselves are not able to assist the Applicant.

2. Foodstamp recepiants should pay to forward. Just as taxpayers are forced to pay for their luxury lettuce or Flaming Hot Cheetos, the Recepiants should be forced to pay back the majority of the money they racked up at the check-out stand to the next generation in need. I will generalize and say must of these folks would never do this voluntarily and so it should be deducted from their earned income or their earned income tax credit–the latter being a bit of a joke since that wasn’t actual money earned but what can we do at this point.

3. Those who co-habitate with their loser boyfriend or girlfriend and take advantage of not reporting joint income should not get pity-party benefits that married couples do not get. If you say you are single but are in fact co-habitating with someone out of wedlock then it should be deemed that you are NOT SINGLE.

4. Foodstamps should be managed like WIC. Here is what you get: Milk, eggs, peanut butter, breads, fruits & veggies, cereal, baby formula, baby cereal but only typical brands–not the luxury stuff from Bristol Farms.

5. Someone brought up the analogy that it is cruel to limit foodstamps because a little boy dying of cancer might really want to eat a big Twinkie and how else can it be afforded? Okay, to the person who responded with that–I have to say you are quite the coward to be defending your expensive cake-purchasing habits by putting a hypothetical cancer boy in the front line. Every charity and childrens hospital will be out to care for that child. Your using him to defend your own “entitlements” is truly pathetic to observe.

I can assure the food stamps crowd that this will not last forever. It is inching toward the point where there are too many capable and able people jumping into the wagon built for the truly impaired, sick and down-trodden. I assure you that it won’t be long before you find yourself sitting in this crammed wagon with other like-minded people sitting next to you. However, there is nobody, just not enough hard-working tax-payers left to push it you any farther. Your Twinkie stuffed-KFC-JACK-IN THE-BOX asses have just gotten to be much to heavy us.

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One Response to Can you buy a $45 bakery made cake with EBT/FOODSTAMPS/SNAP? Part 2

  1. Have you read the rules for WIC and Foodstamps? Maybe California is different, since foodstmps is a state based program (so Michelle Obama has nothing to do with it) if you want to bitch about the sysrema, how but the million s of illegals that get EBT cards. I work and spend my money in the taxes system as well. I’m fine seeing a cake bought for a little boy that will make on his bday. Think how little that child could must go with out because his parents are in EBT and need the help. Probably helps the parents forget they are in poverty just for an hour or two. Also, last time I checked, people on Foodstamps pay taxes. They are tax payers too. It’s welfare and illegals who don’t pay taxes. I can’t help but think maybe your issue is more with welfare and immigration? Do you know how hard it is to get Foodstamps in Texas? I can get on welfare WAY easier, and that’s a hand out if I ever daw one. They can buy cigarettes and alcohol where as Foodstamps recipients can not as the card will not allow you. You are responsible for the cost and taxes(as it should be). Did you know that you have to get an affidavit notorized saying you receive no help from anyone here is texas? Maybe you should move from your liberal state to one who meets your wants? We always welcome people here, no matter there citizenship lol

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