Why are Virginia and Maryland getting rich of our tax dollar?

Today Jon and Ken on KFI FM 640 said something that has been on my mind for years and it has felt like I was the only one who was aware of the glaring problem. They noted while the rest of us have suffered the richest spots in America are all suburbs of Washington, DC, allowing Maryland and Virginia to prosper dramatically well. Those of you who are familiar with what goes on in the Federal Government who are willing to admit it, that is, know that it is a bunch of paper-shuffling–that is, with five-figure salaries and now, largely six-figure salaries. These jobs come with so many perks–the only stress these people have is dealing with the long commute around the federal beltway and phone-banking for democratic candidates who promise not to freeze their GS-whatever salaries.

What are we paying these nimrods in Virginia and Maryland??

They are taking our tax dollars and using it to hire themselves assistants, assistants to the assistants and in many cases not doing actual work–but just taking in bids and letting someone else they can subcontract do the actual heavy-lifting.

These government workers in Virginia and Maryland have not seen their property values decline and have not seen business leave their state. They are completely oblivious to their selfish and pathetic ways. We need the military and a few other truely dedicated folks to help in a few areas–but the jobs out there now for these government nimrods are ridiculous. They have no clue about what it is like to get by in the private sector. They may be envious in the private sector to the point that they want us to go on food stamps or some other government program that makes them feel good about themselves. Make sure these Virginia and Maryland residents know that they can shove it up their…We sure as heck are not nearly, nor will we ever be as lazy and incompetent as them.

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