Is Jon Stewart part of the liberal bias media machine?

Yes, Jon Stewart is definitely a hurge part of the liberal bias media machine. It was comical to watch him on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning show trying to say that he was not. He tried to say that his mocking of a Sarah Palin video with a herpes medication commercial was fair. We know and he knows that he would never mock a “MoveOn” or “Barack Obama” commercial in quite the same way.

One of my favorite parts of the interview was when he aggressively went off on how Fox News viewers were among the most uninformed and Fox was biased. When Chris Wallace inquired about ‘The New York Times’ –Stewart had to stop and think a second. No doubt in his pathetic dramatic pause he was thinking as follows: “Yes NYT is biased. They did that whole story on McCain having a non-affair as though he was. They didn’t mention a thing about Rev. Wright, they printed the Betrayus/Petreaus ad…but, I, the so-called-Jon Stewart must hold fast and furious in my role of fulfilling the duty I have in the liberal bias media machine–part of that role is to insist that they are the ones who are fair and balanced–not this horseradish Hannity who is a pro-life commentator…”

…and so it went on. He also went on that because he threw out a joke about Weiner, he was not biased. Please. His role in the liberal bias media machine is not to protect Weiner-Dog. It is to protect the Pro-Abortion, Public School, PBS forced upon us, limosine driving liberal who thinks they are better than us folks out here trying to get by in life without giving away everything to the liberal non profits via the U.S Government bureaucracy.

If Jon Stewart wants to say that me, a Fox viewer, is less informed than someone who watches PBS, CBS, NBC or for that matter, his show…he is so wrong, it makes me calculate to be among the worlds most unattractive, pathetic men out there. Him and Anthony Weiner should start a club of men who lack a penis or a set of balls. Jon Stewart’s objection to Fox News and to folks like me, stem from his latte/limo/liberal mentality that they deserve all the control and the only way to solidify their power and control is through the indoctrination and yes, brainwashing of Americans. Unfortunately, for them and fortunately for us–we are smart enough to think for ourselves and see through this giant, mammoth (though filled with men with small penis syndrome) liberally biased media machine.

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