Is Anthony Weiner a pedophile?

It has been maddening to here everyone from Bill Handle (a local KFI radio guy) to TV people on Fox News saying that Anthony Weiner is not a pedophile. We already know that his pattern was to lure females by internet/social media who took an interest in him. From there he would send correspondence which escalated to pictures of his weiner dog. Now we know that the 20-somethings were getting to be a bore for him and so he had taken to corresponding with the 17 year old minor. The fact is that if nothing was sent to her, it is not because his intent was not there–it is because he was not given the time he needed to let the “relationship” play itself into it’s full course. He only had appetizers with her and was on course for his dessert; which was, sending a snap shot of his pathetic tootsie roll of a penis to her. As for the pathetic women of NOW who sure as hell don’t represent me, I am amused by their support of their support of Weiner and his totsie-sized pee-wee. They are right in line with their support of Ten Kennedy over Mary Jo; Bill Clinton (and as Gloria Steinem insisted–“the boss is always entitled to one free grope” and all of the other men with pee-wee-sized weiners that they have stood up to support.

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