Why is Bradley Cooper So Much Better than Leo DeCaprio?

There is a good reason why people stop going to movies. One of them is that it is typically the same old thing all over again. Robin Williams disguised as a robot. Seen that. Eddie Murphy works as a dog walker. Seen that. There is not much new out there. Leo DiCaprio plays a hot guy. Seen that and yes, I’m totally over L.D. Not only am I over him–but even when people say the story to the movie he is in is good–I decline to waste money and see it, even if it is my date and not me who pays for the ticket.
I think the annoyance for many of the female gender out there with L.D came when he posed as a so called environmentalist on the cover of Vanity Fair with a green screened arctic animal in the background.
So now I think of the new guy with pretty eyes and hair and LDc doesn’t compare. Leo comes from a childhood actor background and unfortunately for him, never really grew up to be a man the way real men will grow. Child actors face this dilemma which is why I totally support the Coogan Laws of California. Bradley Cooper comes from somewhere more genuine and I guess it shows in him from the inside out. He doesn’t think like a child actor–posing for pictures and saying things just to please people and continue to land good roles in the next liberal-made movie. Bradley Cooper, like Ed Norton, might show up on Huckabee and be willing to answer a few questions. This is something that DiCraprio would never be able to do. So thank you casting agents and the people who allowed Bradley Cooper to show up on movie screens. Sure he is eye-candy. But female audience members need more than eye-candy to find something appealing–we have to know there is a substantive brain that can think for itself attached to the set of beautiful eyes.

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