Can Republicans Win the Hispanic Vote?

I had known for awhile that the San Fernando Valley Republicans met periodically at the Ford Galpin off of Roscoe. Even when I lived in Burbank, I never quite made it out to any of those meetings. Years later, and living farther out in Long Beach, I decided to head up to the Ford Galpin for the meeting. Mostly, I was interested in the topic: How Republicans can earn the Hispanic vote? The San Fernando Valley area is much more organized than the Long Beach area. They actually had an update on all of the redistricting going on (maybe that will be tomorrow’s post topic). Living in Hawaiian Gardens for over two years and living in a neighborhood that has had more “Pro-Vida/Pro-Life” stickers than any other neighborhood I have ever lived in,has always made me believe that the majority or at least a very chunky block are in fact Pro-life conservatives who would never take foodstamps/snap from Rumpletskin. Conservative Hispanics, like conservative blacks,whites and Asians, are way too savvy for that. Their liberal counterparts on the other hand, have issues as they have been preyed upon by a liberal media, liberal groups and a liberal public schools, where they are preached to about liberal doctrines and not always taught to think for themselves. The panel did not talk about the pro-life cause or very much about conservatism. That was one disappointment I had but they definitely had good insights.

I may misspell their names because it was crowded and I could not see very well. Howard Hyde (HH Capital), Suzette Martinez (RNHA North Chair), Alex Burrola (Long Beach Young Republicans), Eric Aderi (RNHA); Raul Gutierrez (360 Live). Suzette Martinez who grew up in Sylmar talked about how the labor union at one point helped latinos but that much of this has flipped.They are now being hurt by unions and the liberal movement. Raul talked about how the democratic propaganda has entered the psychology of Latinos and has made them feel unwelcome. Alex Burrola felt that Meg Whitman was very damaging in 2010 with her nanny using a false i.d. Raul Gutierez pointed out that the anti-republican campaign was in full force long before that. The dems had used a Virgin of Guadalupe picture with the phrase ‘We don’t live here.” slogan He also pointed out a group called CHERLA (not sure about spelling). A democrat group that operates under the guise of a neutral non-profit,that has 26 FULL-TIME STAFF members!!! That’s insane! This was tough to here because most of us conservatives do not want to take tax payer money to create 26 bogus full-time jobs. We really have to do our part and make sure that everybody knows truly where conservatives are.

(more on this meeting and redistricting later).

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