What companies support abortion?

If you are anything like me, you may not have a lot of money to contribute to a cause, PAC or campaign;however, you always have the money in your bank account that you will, no doubt, need to purchase the necessities of life. When I became aware of what companies were forking over big corporate bucks to organizations like Planned Parenthood, I quickly made steep changes in where I shopped and what I bought at the grocery store.

1. Target. The biggest change I made was not stepping foot into a Target store. Target has a huge Hollywood following. I never quite got the reason for this because Target’s business practice of importing cheaply made goods from China is not that much different from that of Walmart. Dayton Hudson is a HUGE supporter of abortions. If you care anything about the pro-life cause, you must not shop at Target anymore. I have not done so for the past two years or so. (The only exception was when someone gave me a gift card which I used to purchase laundry detergent).

2. Sears and Kmart. Another store I will no longer go to his Eddie Lambert’s companies of Sears Holding–Kmart and Sears. Just like Target, these stores give huge amounts of money to abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. Sears/Kmart are even worse–as you know the Kenmore vacuum business has expanded and manufactures sells the technology, parts, equipment actually used in abortion procedures. Please do not give your hard earned money to either Sears/Kmart. They are deeply invested in the abortion industry.

General Mills. Another change, made is that I will not purchase any General Mills products. My kids never have Cheerios, Chex, Lucky Charms etc. General Mills also supports Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Yoplait/FibreOne. I use to always consume these yogurt and health products until realizing how much money they give to abortions.

Here are some other things I refuse to buy even if they are on sale:

Totino pizza
Hungry Jack pancake
American Express
Kellogs products

This list goes on but these are just a few to come to mind. If you really care about the pro-life cause and wish to live in a country where something on Earth with its own given DNA, Gender and Bloodtype is treated with dignity. If you wish to live in a country where a whole industry does not exist with the intention to persuade a woman to terminate her child, then please mind where you shop. Mind what you purchase. Do whatever you can for that being, very separate from that of the mother.

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8 Responses to What companies support abortion?

  1. Douglas Ally says:


    Do you have details on the Sears Kenmore vacuum business manufacturing and selling the technology, parts, equipment actually used in abortion procedures? Can you provide reference/substantiation? If actually true, I find it appalling.

    Thank You!,

  2. Pepsi. Starbucks. Kraft foods.

  3. Eunice says:

    money from Johnson and Johnson baby products are also used to support abortion! Now how much sense does that Make!

  4. Mikey Scars says:

    Target is off the boycott list, from what I understand. Didn’t they break from supporting PP in 2005?

  5. Pat Gabel says:

    Johnson and Johnson, how could you support abortions thru supporting planned parenthood. You supply our babies with your products. Thank God I dont have any babies so I dont have to buy your products.

  6. Joseph Albertz says:

    I am very grateful for the informations.

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