What is an Agnostic?

It seems like a lot of people in America go backward, forward and nowhere in their faith, which is not always such a bad thing. We never physically see God himself; we only see His work in the trees, grass and the intelligent design that is around us. People like Bill Maher and other liberals who see Government as the almighty, would object that I have used a capital “G”and “H” when referring to this power, which they believe not to be.

Many of us know as humans that the symmetry that exists in our buildings, roads and films do not happen because of a big random explosion. They happen because people, engineers and others have meticulously designed them.Why then, is it hard to say that the symmetry that one sees in nature: tree roots, flowers, animals,eco-systems and our own bodies would not be the work of “something” out there that has meticulously designed it all and us all. As an agnostic you are not saying you do not believe in God or Intelligent Design; you are merely ceding that although you know there is a higher power above the Big Godly Government –you can not quite define it precisely through a Bible, Koran or Bhadvad Gita. When someone close to you dies, you feel an uncertainty of where that person now is or if they are gone altogether. There is a possibility that there is no afterlife, but you can not be positive. Unfortunately, if you say a prayer to them or for them, people like Bill Maher and his left wingers will mock you to their silly bones. Just know that as you mourn, folks like us are out there who understand where you are coming from and will never mock what it is you have to say to an elusive, but somehow present, God.

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