What Kind of President Would Donald Trump be?

I heard a small sound bite on Rush’s show yesterday where he was interviewing Donald Trump. Donald Trump, in that interview, came off as a contender. Later on that day, Mark Levin was not interviewing Donald Trump, but rather, laying it down for folks like me, who momentarily thought he might potentially be the person to put up against Obama. Names like Schwartzeneggar came to mind. I have seen this dog and pony show before where someone from the entertainment industry needs an ego boost and prays on us conservatives who have largely been left out of the glamorous world of reality TV and stupid action flicks. Trump would use his business background, not to fight for conservative values, but rather, to strip and expropriate more private land for the government as he did with all of his casinos and crap.

If you look at page 56 of Cosmopolitan magazine for May, there is a blurb that reads: “36% of ‘Chatter’ The House passed a bill that would cut funding for Planned Parenthood. Eek!”

I thought that their added “Eek!” was incredibly depressing and has been for a long time. This all goes back to the Oprah episode with Cher, Sissy Spacek and Demi Moore with a crowd of people just cheering on people who have had abortions and encouraging more and more abortions.

Women’s Health had a similar “Eek!” abortion comment in it the other month.

Please, when we select or contender for Obama, lets just remember what really matters. Let us at least consider that something that has its own dna, gender, bloodtype, heart beat and fingerprints, might be something much more than the hair extensions you do not wish to wear on your person.

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