How much tax will you pay on your cell phone?

I was going to talk about Donald Trump today but I just became aware about something today–which is something that reminded me about why it is I am not a democrat who wants to tax people to keep government programs into place that essentially do nothing or better yet (in the case of ebt–make them fat).  I never realized that when I go to the Sprint PCS store, and get a $300 phone for $55 because I am renewing my contract–the California government takes it upon themselves to tax me for the$300!! Not the $55!  In Long Beach the tax rate is 9.75%.  So that will bring my total cost for the $55 I would pay for the phone up to close to $85!!  It is just not fair!!!  What am I going to do?  Go without a phone and risk not being able to communicate with my children, doctors, work?  There is another word for this–I believe it is called EXTORTION.  I got an email about this and there is, I’m sure, some petition you can sign to do something about it.  But unfortunately, I am a realist and the reality is that the cock suckers (for lack of a better word) seriously can do whatever the heck they want with us.  At the end of the day, they can change that 9.75% to 20.75% and nobody in California will do anything about it because everybody–be they a teacher, or a city worker or a Sacramento employed Social Worker or a non-working-welfare-to-work recipient believes that this tax can only work to their advantage and pay for their own incoming checks.  At some point the day will come when there are too many people in the cart and just not enough people able to pull that cart.  Until then, you can consider me nothing but a slave to Sacramento.

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