Why is Detroit losing its black population?

Why is Detroit losing the its black population, which was, once upon a time, a growing black population? his can be answered in two words:  MARGARET SANGER.  The left wing think tanks know this, but are doing their best to hide it.  They draw all sorts of phony answers and inaccurate conclusions to cover up the truth–like they are migrating to Texas or somewhere else.  The truth is that the black population is declining because the black population is being sold that it is okay and heroic to have an abortion.

Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton are all cool with all the abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, because Margaret Sanger’s present day followers (higher ups in the democratic party)  will give them a pulpit, microphone and cushioned chair at their table.  On a similar level this is how Ted Kennedy was able to come out as “Champion liberal lion for women” after he killed that girl, did not make any effort to save her and walked away from it.

It is strange to me that if you look at a quote of Jackson’s from the 1970s given to the Washington Post, he totally gets how horrible abortion is.  However, he would rather procure that cushioned chair at the democratic party, than stand by something that does indeed have its own blood type (separate from that of its mother); its own dna (separate from the mother) and its own heartbeat (separate from that of the mother.

I am always reminded that democrats, deep down, know that they are severely wrong on this, when they try to pass it off that abortions should be “rare” but must cheer for more abortions to occur in the United States so that they can generate more incoming money for their next elections.

Do what you can to support the political leaders who will fight to end abortion.  Make sure that people like Star Parker, Alan West, Alan Keyes and others are given a high tech microphone that will let their voices continue to get out on this horrible massacre going on in America each an every day, particularly targeted to the black population.




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