What to wear for your next job interview?? Sarah Palin’s Vs. Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe in 2008

Of all the people on the planet Earth, I’m the last person who cares about what somebody wears.  If Barack Obama wears $10,000 suits from designer X then so be it.  Same with any politician or anyone in the spotlight or anyone who just feels the heck like dressing up.

Recently, I was out for a job interview.  I was a bit undecided of what to wear, so I started browsing on line for generic tips.  One expert in particular noted that for women you should ALWAYS wear a business skirted suit–not a pant suit.  This totally made me think of the Hillary/Sarah deal, particularly when Palin first entered and the left was going ape.  It was not clear at first why this job interviewing expert thought this way.  Then it made some sense when I considered that men do not have this problem.  Nowhere in the HR experts column did it speak to men, having to figure this question:  should he wear a skirt suit or a pant suit.  Naturally, I assume, he would wear the pant suit?  Why?  Answer:  to look more masculine.  Women, whether we like it or not are more powerful when we dress like a–heaven forbid–woman.

And so who ultimately won the most powerful woman in politics award that year—Sorry Clinton fans.  It was Sarah Palin all the way.  As much as the left tried to go after her, saying she spent all the RNC’s money on her wardrobe (none of this about Barack Obama in his GQ suits or Michelle in her fancy outfits either), they still lost the contest of having the most powerful woman in politics.  We had our Sarah who finally had the balls to come out swinging and saying something about her power–yes, I’m female and sure don’t need a pant suit to supplement the power I have.

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