Are Public Schools Dangerous for your child?

I have to say that having been a substitute teacher and knowing what I now know about public schools, public schools are dangerous.  In the Los Angeles Unified School District you are always going to have the random kid who shows up with a knife, a fist or bad words in his head ready to pick a fight.  This is not what you should be worried about.  You should be worried about how dangerous public school is for your own child.

I spoke to a high school student I tutored with at the Cerritos Library and she had recently taken the SAT.  She had received a perfect score on the math portion!  I was certainly impressed by that.  I asked her:  What do you think helped you the most to get the perfect score in math.  I expected to get an answer like:  my parents, a teacher, this teacher or that teacher.  She said that what helped her the most was a one word answer:  “Kumon.”  I had no idea what Kumon was.  I researched it and Kumon is a learning enrichment program, developed by a guy from South Korea.  It is exactly the opposite of what your public school teacher and your public school system will handle your kid.

In Kumon, you do not go to the next level until you “master” the level before.  In public schools, children who have failed a many elements of a lesson are moved onto the next lesson.  Even if the teacher knows they have failed to cover the standards for that entire grade level, they are moved onto the next grade level.  Many might think it would be psychologically harmful perhaps for a child to fail a grade.  In the meantime, diplomas are handed out left and right.  I remember in first grade, for whatever reason, the public school reading teacher did not like that I would sit in the corner and read the words of a book out loud.  She said that I should be reading them to myself in my head.  I never forgot that day, because it was the day that reading was never quite the same for me.  Of course I did not realize it at the time.  In public schools, you will always be doing something on a teacher who is part of a vast, and I say, corrupt system.  Do whatever you can to home school them or send them to a private school.  Your child may learn to survive and get by, but academically, they will never master the skills they could pick up if only they were not left to ignorant teachers more concerned about themselves than of your child.

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