Are Bottle Deposit Fees Seriously Constitutional?

By now I should have accepted the 5 cent or 10 cent bottle deposit fees as a fact of life–just like everything else:  rain will sometimes fall from the sky, menstrual cycles happen every 20-something days or so, the sun and moon take turns coming out.  However, now I am not so sure.  This fee is something that causes a tremendous burden on people and if the government can put a fee on a plastic bottle can they not do the same for the carton a dozen eggs come in?  The plastic bag a loaf of bread comes in?  The cardboard encasing a Budget Gourmet dinner?  What about the plastic tray the Budget Gourmet dinner comes in?  What about that celphane wrap that comes atop the Budget Gourmet dinner?  Here in California if you are out of town expecting to spend a dollar on a bottle of soda and are confused as to why it jumps to $1.20, then the cashier might tell you:  “Oh that’s just the CRV fee”  What does that even stand for?  It’s not a CRV fee–it’s a GOV fee–a Government Fee!  For once can we call a spade a spade?

At one point in my life I had gone out of my way to reclaim the Government Fee perscribed to my soda bottles.  This caused much stress on me, that included but was not limited to:  FINDING a location that actually accepted these bottles; finding the place during the LIMITED HOURS OF OPERATION; then finding MY OWN TIME to go wait in line with a bunch of professional homeless people or other ametuers like myself who only did this when they needed quick cash to buy laundry detergent; then hoping that the time you spend at the ebola infested recycling center does not get you sick DESTROYING YOUR OWN PERSONAL HEALTH…

I recollect one Saturday afternoon between work and a personal life and other obligations, driving up the 405 with a trunk loaded with plastic bottles.  Getting rid of those bottles was something I needed to do.  It was driving me nuts.  The bottles had been there quite awhile and needed to be gone, but I needed to find the time.  Since it was Saturday, this would have been the best day but still, there were so many other things that needed to be done.  Well, low and behold, the stress of all those bottles landed my Toyota Corolla in a spin-out  vehicular collision with a Yukon Denali.  To this day, I know that the stress involved with having to recycle your bottles for the Government Fee is more dangerous than texting and driving and on par with drinking and driving as well.

I had almost forgotten about that incident until I head news of someone else who had been gravely affected by this government fee and the stress that comes along with the government extorting you for your money on things you want to have in your life.  A guy I know has a twenty-something daughter who lives somewhere near, I think, Murietta or Riverside.  I had met her briefly at a birthday party a few months ago.  She was at a recycling plant at 7 or 8 am in the morning, in a parked car at this recycling plant.  She also takes care of an elderly lady who was sitting in the car at the time.  The 20-something daughter got out of the car to take out the bottles to be recycle when from out of nowhere, she was struck by a speeding car.  Her body was smashed into the car but ultimately ended up under the car.  The woman inside was even more harmed than her.  A drunk driver (who happened to be a person who entered the country illegally) had been using this recycling plant as his merry-go-round and on that morning changed her life forever.  Right now the elderly woman is struggling for her life and the 20-something is struggling to have a normal life in spite of new handicapps she must now adjust to.  This incident occurred the same day that Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  I don’t know that this incident at the Recycling Plant received any media coverage which makes it sad for me because nobody is paying attention or cares to the stresses that these GOV fees put onto us in our daily lives.  I’m sure if you are Oprah Winfrey or Leonardo Di Caprio you can always hire somebody to recycle your crap for you.  However, for us folks who work everyday, take care of ourselves and other people every day–it is a tremendous burdon the God-like-Government is putting on us.  Even the giant food and beverage companies like Coke can not combat these Government Fee insanity.  If you live in a place that doesn’t charge this and put this burden in your life, you are so very lucky.   If your stuck like me between boycotting soda  from your life or paying the fee to the government for your lifestyle, then you know I feel your pain.

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