Why Meghan Mccain Gags Me With a Spoon Pt 3

I had seriously hoped I was done getting gagged with a spoon by the likes of Meghan McCain, but here we are, onto part 3 of this ordeal.  After having volunteered and worked on several campaigns and events in the last year or two I have been fortunate to cross paths with young conservatives, younger than Meghan McCain, smarter than Meghan McCain and harder working than Meghan McCain.  It kills me that the so-called mainstream, uber liberal media is continually putting this blonde ditz, heiress to a fortune, a senator’s daughter in the limelight to represent the “voice of the young generation of conservative republicans.” 

Most recently she was on Mess NBC bashing Michelle Bachman, just as she has bashed Sarah Palin and other conservatives, particularly conservative females.  When I think of all the attention she gets for having written a book with her sitting on the books photographed jacket like she is taking a dump on an elephant, I am reminded of her ditzy remarks.  Though she no doubt wears thousand dollar make up, never had a student loan, car payment or had to struggle getting a real job the way others who are truely living the times of their generation and the hardships that come with it, I do not fret. 

One day I was volunteering at the Long Beach republican office and there were a handful of high school girls there as well.  Some were from Cal Poly and others from as far out as Lakewood and Huntington Beach.  One of the high school girls was took a break from texting, when she came back she was sharing a photo she had just snapped.  It was her proudly standing with life-size cardboard cut outs of Sarah Palin, Star Parker, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.  If the lame-stream, so-called mainstream media ever wants to hear that young high school girl’s views on Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin or any other element going on in U.S. or World Politcs toay–then we would actually be hearing what Meghan McCain certainly is not–an authentic voice.

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