How Important will Kid Rock Republicans be in the 2012 presidential election?

A large part of the left and a large part of the right does not necessarily like to acknowledge their exist–which explains why so many people fail to understand what exactly a “Kid Rock Republican” is.  If you do not currently own any Kid Rock music and are not planning on purchasing any in the future it is still possible hat you might be able to understand the mind of a Kid Rock Republican.  However, if you have indulged yourself in any of his music at any time in your life, they perhaps you already know where I’m going with this.  Kid Rock uses all sorts of crass words through out many of his songs (B****, P****Y, F***) just to name a few and give you a flavor.  At the same time his lyrics, largely about himself or his ego, a good time, or a tragedy, rebellious yet at times Americana, tackle some harsh issues.  One example is on his Devil Without A Cause album, the last song “Black Chick, White Guy” is largely about abortion, and in some ways the importance of being a father to a male.  Anyways, it is no ringing endorsement for Planned Parenthood and the left-wing agenda.

In 2008, Kid Rock was one of the few celebrities who came out and actually endorsed John McCain.  Another similar endorsement came from Latino Hip hop recording artist Daddy Yankee.  I am not as familiar with Daddy Yankee’s music but I have been meaning to check it out.  I do know that Daddy Yankee became a father at a young age and it would not surprise me if he is pro-life.

In the course of my lifetime I have been to no less than 6 or 7 Springsteen concerts and have probably spent most of my teens all of my twenties and a small portion of my thirties obsessed with Bruce Springsteen’s music.  However, Springsteen has spiraled down for me.  Just because he is a lame liberal who would endorse John Kerry, Al Gore and Barack Obama, does not make me want to vote democrat–it does make me want to cease purchasing any more of his stuff and acknowledging once and for all that there is more to life than Bruce Springsteen.

This is why Kid Rock is important to me.  The so-called main stream media will be harassing Republicans, mocking John Boehner, mocking Eric Cantor Michelle Bachman or Palin along with many of the ideals that conservatives stand for.  We know all along that we are on the right side of things–but it is kind of nice to have a Kid Rock in the spotlight endorsing who ever our 2012 candidate might be.  John Voight, Gary Oldman are okay but with Daddy Yankee and Kid Rock–it will be much tougher for the so-called main stream media to mock someone that cool.

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