Who’s the Girly-Man now, Arnold?

I feel like over the last several years, I have been busy and so, did not wish to waste my time fretting over the (as of 11am today) former Governer of California.  He ran as a Republican and Republicans did show up to support him when he came up for re-election.  Once he realized that there were no more elections coming up, he started to support things like the “Final Solutions Act”.  For those of you outside of California, I kid you not–it is officially known as the “Final Soultions Act”.  The intention of the act is to use the California Government as a tool to prevent people from using energy, water and other resources they might need to support themselves and their family.  If you have listened to any of John and Ken on KFI then perhaps you know at least some of what they have said about the Air Resources Board and particularly about Mary Nichols.  One of the objectives of this board will be to make it difficult for people and their families to live in suburban areas.  They do not feel it is appropriate for people to be driving such far distances from home to work day in and day out. 

The California Liberals try to make the Air Resources Board sound like the most altruistic body to grace the planet since Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi combined.  In fact, these are the people who are going to hike fees, raise rates and do whatever they can to cut off the water in order to save a half inch smelt fish.  They will be enforcing the Global Warming Final Solutions Act of 2006.  I would like to publicly state that they will have to send me to jail before they ever force me to drive my kid around in a weeney SmartCar—or any other such car which would cause a fatality in the event it collided with a shopping cart at a busy intersection.

Mary Nichols was an appointee by Schwarzenegger, a wuss of a Governor who decided he could pick up brownie points with liberals in California and perhaps procure his next Hollywood contract or at least continue to get invites to Barbara Streisand parties by pushing this thing and not only that–but showing up in places in Coppenhagen where he vasked his pathetic body in the lime light. 

As I said earlier, I have been busy and that is why I have tried to put this in the back of my head, thinking there are surely other fish to fry besides this pathetic, yet ultimate Girly-Man.  Now, I regret this.  Today, Schwarzenegger commuted the sentence of Fabian Nunez’ son from 16 to 7 years.  He will get out very shortly for a murder of a college student.  Nunez’ son had already received a lighter sentence because he pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  This was a huge favor to the liberal community to such people as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who had also written letters about saving this man of a liberal politician’s ass.  The family of the slain victim was not even notified of this decision by the former governer.  Instead they found out through a reporter.  Is anyone out there unconvinced that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only a Girly-Man, but in fact, the ULTIMATE GIRLY-MAN?

I suppose he has taken so many steroids over his life time that by now he lacks a particular part of the male anatomy and he constantly calls people names when trying to make his points.  This is the sign of a psychologically weak individual and a Girly-Man at that.  I can not quite take the time to say Hasta La Vista and thank God that he is leaving office.  The damage he has done in the last several years is significant.  It will do tremendous amounts of harm to California, to the country and the world–the future of my own children will certainly be gravely affected.

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