Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Big Government but were Afraid to Ask

I remember taking a class at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia which was labeled “Political Science” which was an elective and at the time, seemed like it would be interesting.  Part of the class sent you out on an “internship” in Washington D.C.  At the time, I was the sort of teenage student who just showed up for a class, nodded my head up and down and absorbed a substantial part of what the teacher had to say as fact or potential word of wisdom.  This is something I have come to regret about my teenage years.  The teacher played snippets of George Carlin and proclaimed him to be a genius.  She never played any Rush Limbaugh and, though on a very lengthy delay, have come to know him as the real genius of the here and now.  I believe the teacher’s name was Skirball or Skirbun was the person doing her so-called teaching and sending us out.  A lot of the other people in the class were very vocal and winey about where they went for their internship.  I was not like that at all.  I merely went where I was told to go.

A few years ago, I thought I should have been like the other vocal winers in the class so that I could have been placed in one of the offices of a congressional leaders or in one of the great think tanks.  However, now that I remember that internship, I think I may have been one of the few who got a real first hand accurate look at what people are talking about when they talk about government waste and with the waste and Amazon forest worth of trees in the form of paper, paper and yes, more paper.  The internship was at the Department of Education.  I can assure that the people who oversaw me in the position of an intern had a hard time finding work for me to do or things to show me, because they themselves had little work to do or little to show for themselves.

It was indeed a bit of a joke.  If anyone out there is thinking of investing their time in an internship at a government office, you would be better off career-wise, finding an internship with your local port-o-potty delivery man.  When I hear people clamoring for more government and how Obama wants to put government in charge of the end of life care, I want to say no, nada, never.  I have to admit I am exhausted at this point at the prospect of fighting off a big government because at this point in time in December of 2010 it has gotten to grow so damn big.  I suppose I will have to keep up my energy and stay on track and find others who can help me remember what needs to be done, because the beast we are talking about is much more than a Big Government–it’s escalating to a tyranny.

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