If I Were a White Male, I’d Sue the Federal Governemnt TODAY

Lately, I’ve been getting a sea-sicky feeling in my stomach and my concern is that the house Republicans will essentially be a big disappointment.  In the name of being bi-partisan, they will give in on several big issues and at the end of the day, he big government, including the federal employee roster will continue to grow and certainly it is here to stay.  This became apparent when not all republicans were lock-step with ending the earmark process.  This is one of the things I very much appreciated about John McCain and his Arizona constituents who did not demand massive pork funds being funneled their way.  They cared more about the main stage issues whether they were international or domestic.  Unfortunately not every senator or congressman sees the integrity of this nor does, I suppose, every citizen.  (Ahem, state of Ted Kennedy’s Massachussets, among others.) A few days ago I heard snippets of Mike Gallagher’s show which now comes on at night here in California, and he was talking about a recent job posting the U.S. Federal Government has posted in the U.S Dept. of Agriculture, I believe it was.  This job would pay a six-figure salary of $180,000 a year and it would include all of the medical and dental benefits of the Federal Employee Health Benefit system, nice vacation package, all the holidays off, plus free parking, free gym, free travel and lets not forget $180,000 years.  Mike Gallagher was reading the job description and it sounded like this position would require that someone to be a “Director” in an Human Resources type setting.  Their job would be to sift through job applicants and separate the white males from everybody else.  Is it just me or is that not totally insane.  Lets suppose you or someone else out there has two children and someone else has two children.  We now live in America where we must separate humans, be they adults or youngsters in order to determine their chances of being eligible for employment?  I never understood that black or Latino or Asian men or women walked around all day trying to think of ways to stop white men from getting jobs.  According to them there is no white man in Appalachia or in any city or anywhere in America who should be rewarded for their knowledge, skills or abilities.  In the event there are some white males capable of doing something, they must be kept in check.  This sort of discrimination is so crucial to our current left-wing administration, that they are willing to pay somebody $180,000/year salary.  If I was a white male, I would start a legal suit and sue the U.S. government for discrimination.  If black farmers were able to do this, then certainly white males could also sue for not getting equal employment opportunities.  I am serious about this.  Listen, our country at one time has segregation and slavery.  However, in my lifetime there has never been segregation and slavery.  Why would white males in my own generation be paying a price?  How long is this game going to go on for?  Someone out there might think I’m nuts for saying that white males should sue the federal government.  However, I am certain that many out there have children born in 2009 and 2010 and regardless of their child’s gender and regardless of their child’s skin color, they do not want to pay taxes to a government which insists that they bring their child into a world where the government can suppress their opportunities and above all, their rights.

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