Jane Barnett to be in charge of the LA Republicans

Next week sometime there is going to be a little election to decide who will run the Los Angeles Republicans.  I am sure Jane Barnett will win but I am realistic enough to wonder if it will really make a difference.  Jane certainly knows much of what goes on in this area but for me, I have to ask myself–is Jane Barnett friends with Ron Nehring?  Is she really going to be doing anything different with this title than she would be doing if she didn’t have the title?  No doubt we need leadership beyond the grassroots of the tea party speeches and gatherings.  The trade off, is when you start getting too much organization at the GOP level, you get a bunch of folks in certain positions who are always scrambling around for their next job on a campaign or whatever.  Once you have too much organization, you have too many people who, like big government, do not do much of anything but feel entitled and elite in their position.  This is not what I think is the case with Jane Barnett.  She comes across as a sincere workhorse who cares about what a lot of us care about.  However, I worry that no matter who heads up the GOP leadership in Los Angeles will struggle trying to get things organized while keeping out a lot of the people who do not care.  Hopefully, whatever we do from here we can stay focused and target the folks around us who feel intimidated by the left to come out and say, well sure, I’m a conservative.  I’d vote republican.  Trust me on this and don’t forget about it in 2012–there are a lot of folks like that out here in SOCAL.

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