Who is really going to draw the CA lines?

There was quite an attempt to derail the redistricting board in the last election in order to continue to allow state representatives the power to define and draw the lines of their very own district.  California is severely gerrymandered which is another big factor playing into the favor of the left-wing candidates.  I believe this redistricting board is suppose to be made up of 5 republicans, 5 democrats and 5 independents.  I believe the people hired for this committee are suppose to travel the state, hold town meetings and fairly and squarely redraw California’s lines for redistricting.  This will now effect both Sacramento and D.C.  A lot of Republicans in my opinion think that they can sit back and this will resolve itself through the process.  This is very far from the truth.  We should be monitoring this process like a hawk.  Are we?  Or are we leaving it up to someone like Ron Nehring or one of his staff people, who in my humble opinion at the end of the day could care less or very little about what goes on here.  Do we trust someone like John and Ken from KFI 640 to tell us what is going on with this process?  So far I have not heard them say a peep about it.  At this point, I feel very uneasy about this process.  I am not concerned who the democrats or independents are.  I am concerned about who the chosen Republicans will be.  If anybody anywhere out there has any information on this please let me know.  Although it will be a lot of work–the work we do up front on this now will make it a lot less work for us all in the long run come 2012.

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