Are California Conservatives in a Lose/Lose Situation?

Election night November 2nd, 2010 started out great in America, certainly on the East Coast.  Take Florida for instance: Allen West won.  Alan Greyson Lost.  Marco Rubio won.  Even the texting democrat lost.  Before the polls closed in California, it was already projected that Nancy Pelosi would lose the Speaker of the House title.  We all had desperately wanted to fire her and we did.  However, there is more to it than that.  We did not gain control of the Senate which allows many of those in power to save face but above all, maintain power.  I hope to God, he is looking out for us and does not let anything happen to any of the Supreme Court Justices who are not liberal activists.

The big disappointment is not even so much that we lost in California but that we could have won perhaps if we had somehow done something different, had our eyes open wider or did not allow ourselves to be shoved aside.  We will never know the real corruption that goes on behind the scenes.  Fake ballots, stolen ballots etc…If it was destiny that Meg Whitman was going to lose, it certainly was not destiny that Carly Fiorina lost.  This caused a trickle down that went all the way down our ticket and sadly, Damon Dunn will not be our new Secretary of State.  I regret that Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina had so much independent money that they paid so many high-end consultants to tell them what their next move on the Chess board should be.  Carly Fiorina could have won this election the day that Barbara Boxer talked down to the 4Star General “Call me Senator not Ma’am…”.  All Carly had to do was to keep replaying and replaying that clip the same way in 2008 there was an ad that kept playing Gavin Newsom saying: “Whether they like it or not…whether they like it or not…”

Meg Whitman certainly could have played the clip of Gerry Brown talking in an interview about how he closed down the bars every other day when he was California’s Governor 30 some years ago.  However, her high-priced consultants–in my estimation probably liberals at heart or indifferent at heart, decided against it or were to clueless to use the glaring evidence sitting in front of us all.

If only Fiorinia could have snapped back that the jobs sent overseas by HP were done because of California’s ungodly high taxes and unfriendly business environment.  If only Fiornia could have stepped up to the plate with her ads and really let California voters know the sacrifice the Central Valley is undergoing with the environmentalists placing the smelt fish longevity over the lives of people, families and children.  Where was the campaigns?  They were not on the side of either of these candidates.  I hope whoever worked on them–particularly the ads–never works another day in ad creation again.

Now I get emails that Steve Cooley needs help counting votes because the SEIU and other liberal groups are hounding the vote recount in the race between him and Jane Harmon.  It was once projected that he would win hands down.  However, Jane Harmon put out ads touting how she would prioritize upholding punishing business for the environmental wackos.  Steve Cooley, I don’t know if he reminded people that there are serious criminals out there who will kill children and harm people and he would take a tougher stance on them.  However, he was not very tough in reminding people of the importance of the office he was running for and if he can’t be tough there, then maybe he would have been irrelevant after all.

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