Why Megan McCain Gags Me With a Spoon Part2

I couldn’t tell you if she spells her name Megan or Meghan but I can tell you that she is not a real Republic, which perhaps is why This Week the show nobody watches, including myself (I only saw clips from other shows) chose to put her on to rant about Christine O’Donnel.  It was one of the most ironic things to watch.  The objective was to put down Christine O’Donnell by what ABC perceives to be a certified expert in Megan McCain.  Megan, with her no doubt,$500 hair cut, huffed that nobody should be able to wake up in America and decide they have experience to run for office.  It is hard to say what goes through this ditzy-bitz head but clearly she suffers from the daughter-of-an-heiress-senator wanna-be a princess syndrome.

I did not hold to much against John McCain before because he vote pro-life, had been through the Hanoi Hilton and didn’t get the griping and groaning when he won the nomination in2008. After hearing his miserable princessy daughter try to tote her superiority, I better understand the grievance of what folks like Ann Coulter among  were talking about.  The biggest irony is that ABC This Week wanted so desperately to have an expert pontificate as to how insufficient Christine O’Donnell would be as a Senator from Delaware–but their so called “expert” Megan McCain was a billion times more insufficient to comment anything outside of her Avon lady and her hair sp.

When working on various campaigns this year, a lot of the volunteers were young, some high school, some college.  Thank god for these kids.  Megan McCain thinks she is representative of the “youth” generation of republicans, but in fact she is not.  She has not put in the sweat and elbow grease that so many others even younger than her are putting in to shape America going forward.  No matter how much money Megan McCain has, no matter how much disposable income she has to spend on herself, no matter what TV show wants to put her in a chair to gabblebabble, she remains clueless and comical to the real world.

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