Did you hear–What Laura Richardson TRIED to do to Star Parker?

If you looked in the local community papers of Long Beach, Signal Hill, Carson and Compton, they presented in print that their would be a debate at California State University Long Beach on Friday October 15, 2010.  It said, in print, notifying people would leave work early, and trek out to this event–that there would be a state assembly debate first at 3pm and then Star Parker and Laura Richardson would debate at 4p.  It was also posted on line by the left-wing feminist group hosting the event.  Then, without any warning, those running the event decided that they could do whatever they could to help out poor Laura Richardson.  They would not tell Star Parker, her people or those of us who left work earlier, trekked around heavy freeway traffic, fought and paid for a parking spot, any of this.  The left-wing feminist group knew that they had to help Laura Richardson and they knew Laura Richardson could not compare to Star Parker.  Laura Richardson knew that he had to put on an illusion that she was going to debate Star.  This is how the left-wing works, as I am slowly but certainly learning.

Suddenly, this group and Laura Richardson’s people did a switcharoo.  They put the Parker/Richardson debate at 3pm and the assembly debate at 4pm.  The ultimate hope was that Star Parker would show up just as the debate was finishing up at 4pm.  Their ultimate goal did not occur;however, their tactic clearly had Star Parker and her campaign people running in circles.  This has got to be the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.  I wish that John and Ken from 640 KFI knew about this. I am going to try and call them about it.  Anyway, the good news is that about three out  of four people at that debate seemed to be leaning towards Star Parker.

I feel uneasy in my stomach, not because I think Star won’t get the most votes.  If you look at all the signs, stickers and talk, it is clear she will.  However, I feel easy because I overhear people talking about SEIU staff and social workers filling out absentee ballots for elderly.  I think of  Minnesota and the town that had more votes cast their than it did population of the town itself.  I think of Jerry Brown and his motives for not stopping groups like ACORN from committing voter fraud and I fear this election is going to be stolen.  Sure, I plan to be a poll watcher, but how many polls can one person really watch?  Then I think of Minnesota again and the fake Al Franken votes found in the trunk of a car.

Last Friday I heard a snippet of John and Ken from KFI playing Loretta Sanchez clips and talking about how she was wearing a dress with Vietnam flag colors.  I started to crack up when they said she sounded like a really bad tour guide.  It certainly reminded my that we all have to hold our head up high, stay tough, hold our ground and not let any of the kool-aid makers hold us down.

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