Star Parker and Laura Richardson To Debate

This Friday and Saturday, Star Parker and Laura Richardson will be debating each other.  It is difficult to know what will happen as a result of the debates, but here is one theory of what will happen.  After these debates, Star Parker will likely surge.  However, she will surge with relative silence.  She has not run an intensely negative campaign against Laura Richardson when you consider the poor performance Richardson so far has displayed in Washington, DC. 

This week, President Obama was down in Florida stumping for the candidate running against Allan West for a congressional seat.  This race is extremely close.  Here is my big prediction.  After this debate, Star Parker will surge and sometime between now and November 2, 2010, Obama and has people will certainly have to consider making a trip out to Long Beach/Compton/Signal Hill/Carson area to stump for Laura Richardson–this is if he wants to keep the California 37 congressional away from Star Parker.

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