The Truth About Food Stamps and Cash Aid

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there were some looney toons who came into power with in the United States Government and introduced a new premise for the most successful nation to ever exist on planet Earth.  They decided to take away the idea of self-reliance and accountability.  They decided that they could have more control over people by limiting the amount of money the could have in their bank account and by limiting the amount of property they could own.  They would limit all sorts of assets such as real estate and stocks.  In order to get people to agree to this, they formed a Welfare system that said so long as you do not max out your potential earnings, the government will be right her to provide for you.

We will give you $160 dollars a month for food and if you have to or three kids, we’ll make that $400 to $500 of food stamps.  Go out and eat yourself silly.  You can by $400 to $500 of Twinkees and Mountain Dew.  This is brilliant and when the people living in the food stamp areas start to get chunky, we can blame the businesses who market fast food and soft drinks and junk food.  This will even allow us greater control to control the people who continue to opt out of the food stamp program.  Of course, the term ‘food stamps’ is an old term.  These days, food stamps and cash aid now appear on an “EBT” card.  This is a brilliant advance in the progressive agenda to get more people on food stamps–now, those who may have before passed lest they be shamed by the person behind them in line who works for the money they spend, note that they are making a purchase with food stamps i.e.–their own tax money.

A lot of people think that food stamps/E.B.T can only be used to purchase:  cheese, milk, bread, fruits and vegetables.  They are completely wrong and utterly misguided.  E.B.T/Food Stamps can be used to purchase,(but not limited to):  Red Bull, Diet Soda, individually packaged snacks (those often run $3-$4 for little packages of air and sugar), gourmet lobster, decadent steaks.  The dirty little secret about food stamps in the year 2010 is this—THE PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS EAT BETTER THAN THE FOLKS NOT ON FOOD STAMPS!!!!!

This is a total fact.

Now, let us briefly discuss the “Cash Aid” portion of the Welfare program.  Cash Aid is pretty much like food stamps with the exception that you are not limited to purchasing just food.  Here are items you can purchase with the Cash extracted from an E.B.T card or if you have a bank account, deposited directly to you:  Beer, Wine, Vodka, Cigarettes, snuff, tobacco, a night out at the casino, a trip to Hawaii, a trip to the bahamas, an abortion clinic and (I’ve seen this with my own eyes) clothing for a looser boyfriend which included, jeans, a belt and jacket.

Why are we allowing this to happen?  Has anyone paid any attention to what the Walmarts and Targets are doing in Southern California?  I have.  The majority of them have opened up big supermarket sections of their stores?  Why?  Isn’t it odd that both of these big companies would come to the same conclusion about giving almost half of their retail floor space to food?  Here is why.  They have both determined that for the next five year, the money to be made, will be in food.  Food.  Food.  Food.  Suddenly, more people have more money to squander on food.  This is such free-market proof and utter evidence that the E.B.T crowd eats maple syrup while the non-E.B.T crowd eats pancake syrup.

When I grew up I always thought that Welfare people had it rough.  Now I know the truth.  The ones trying to pay the taxes to support the lavish eating and spending habits of the Welfare crowd are the ones who really do have it rough.

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One Response to The Truth About Food Stamps and Cash Aid

  1. Christy says:

    I do receive ebt but I’m also a tax paying citizen. I have a full time job. I’ve got 3 kids and am a single mom that works EVERY day and as often as they need me to. I get 180$ for myself plus 3 kids. They base that amount on my income I suppose! It’s not much for a family of 4 ( 3 of which are 8,9 &10 yrs old) but it’s definitely a blessing and I greatly appreciate it. I do agree with the point about ppl that sit back and live off of the ebt and unemployment programs! I know a 53 yr old lady that’s doin just that! She’s been on unemployment for almost 3 yrs and probably the same amount of time or longer on the ebt program. Now her daughter thats got a kid now @ 17 and her grown brothers are on it and abusing it. Ppl that take advantage that way REALLY make my blood boil.

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