Loretta Sanchez and her Left-Wing Racist Policies

In the universe of Loretta Sanchez, she is willing to say that the 47th congressional seat in California is hers.  Not only does in belong solely to her, but it belongs to her and to the hispanic people.  It is a hispanic seat, there only to serve hispanic people.  This came out in an interview, when she must have made the assumption that only hispanic people were watching, and no doubt in addition, she made the critical assumption are liberal left-wingers such as herself.  She stated that the “Vietnamese are trying to take away OUR seat…a seat that has done so much for OUR (hispanic) community…”  I believe that she will be voted out come this November and it will not be the Vietnamese that vote her out nor will it be people with white or black skinned people.  It will be people of all ethnicities who call themselves Americans.  Americans who do not want to be controlled by government.  Americans who are beginnning to realize that if they want to live under the big control of a dictatorial government, then they could have stayed home in the initial country they were born in.  Over half of the constituency in the Anaheim/Garden Grove region in CA-47 was born outside of California.  Van Tran will be the first American in congress to have suffered first hand the abuses in Vietnam.  He will bring integrity, honest and common sense values that were lacking in Vietnam and are surfacing in the current leadership of the U.S. government.  Van Tran will win because Americans of all stars and stripes will vote for him.  Loretta will likely be the most surprised not only that Van Tran will win, but more so about the number of pro-life, hard-working people who show up at the polls November 2nd pushing the vote-a-dot for Van Tran, who coincidentally enough–are hispanic.

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