Why Megan McCain Gags Me With a Spoon

One reason Barack Obama won the 2008 election over John McCain is because John McCain never went after Obama for his ties to Jeremiah Wright, Black Liberation Theology, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezco…and the list goes on.  He never really went after Obama period.  I appreciate John McCain’s service in Vietnam, real service–unlike, John Kerry’s so-called service, who got out of there after three months with his film camera.  I appreciate McCain’s pro-life voting record.  I am disappointed that John McCain did not go after Obama with the gusto he went after the fellow Republicans during the primary season.  Perhaps he suffered from a pre mature ejaculation of energy.  His passive nature during the general election was extremely disapointing.  What annoys me about John McCain has not been very clear until recently.  Upon hearing his daughter blab her mouth, it became more evident why John McCain was such a horrible candidate in 2008.

His daughter is very anti-Palin, anti-tea-party and considers herself to be a “progressive republican”.  Please.  In Megan McCain’s mind, she is a princess who should be part of some Republican heirarchy.  Unfortunately, for her and luckily for the rest of us, we can move on to real folks and elect people who really matter.  Though she certainly has money and the luxury to do many things the rest of us can not afford to do, the truth remains.  In the American Conservative movement, there is no room for a princess.  She will have to take her ass on over to another country or to another political party if she hopes to capitalize on her family name.

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