No doubt Obama feels his chances of winning in 2012 are down along with his poll ratings.  He is a scardy cat  that many who voted for him in 2008 won’t be there for him in 2012.  There will not be an ACORN, unless they have shell gamed into a new organization that not enough of us are aware of.  Remember, nothing here is about America; this is all about Obama.

By allowing illegals to become legal merely by joining the military for two years, or even worse, enrolling in college courses for two years, is absolutely insane.  Too many people are coming to America, not in search of the freedoms it could offer; but rather, the hand-outs it will redistribute to them so long as they do not have more than $2,000 in assets or in their bank account.  This is how welfare programs such as cash aid and food stamps work.    If this is what these people want–then why can’t they head down to Venezuela?  Why can’t they head over to Cuba?  Heck, I would be willing to start a fundraiser that would supply these folks with free travel accomodations.

There are already a ton of people who have played by the rules and followed United States Immigration policy.  It is unfair to allow other people to cut in line ahead of them.  There are people from Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and the list goes on.  Although I do not have the money to send my kids to private school, I can not imagine sending them to the school district they would end up in around here.  There is no such thing as the Los Angeles Unified School District–this is a nominal front name.  It is truly the Mexican Unified School District or the Andy Stern Unified School District.  It is certainly not worth the $10,000 per student in money it receives.  Trust me, compare this school district to any pow-donk school district in India or Sri Lanka and you will find that graduating from a public school in America is increasingly a useless commodity.

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