Star Parker – A Reagan Conservative? Pt 2

As the reality that Star Parker is going to head to Washington, DC as a congresswoman for the 37th district of California, it is time to step back and figure out where she is coming from and better yet, where she is headed to.

Although both Star Parker and the late president Ronald Reagan hailed from California, it is hard to say the two individuals have much, if anything, in common.  At a quick first glance this may be the case but if one looks closely, in terms of political views, the two have several areas of common ground.  For starters, the are both great communicators.  Reagan actually held that as part of a title dubbed onto him–the great communicator.  Star is similar in that when she is in a room, she has command of that room.  Reagan has roots in Hollywood and this may be something developed over time through acting.  Star may be slightly more organic than that.  She was California grown and began her life allowing the liberal California system of government issued welfare stamps and health care govern her and her body.  She began by allowing the liberal ideology that abortions are okay, a mere choice and nothing more.  Reagan once said that: ‘all of the people who support abortions have already been born’.  Star Parker’s understands the damage that choice abortions cause society, our nation and most importantly of all–the individual.

Another key factor Star Parker and Ronald Reagan have in common is that they appear to  have the ability to form something not many politicians are able to form.  In Reagan’s time they were called “Reagan Democrats”.  Star Parker lives in a district that holds registered democrats galore.  However, with her running 2/3 or 66% of them are willing to consider voting Republican during the 2010 mid-terms.  I can not for the life of me figure out why the media is not following her.  I have to suspect that much of it is the liberal biased and they figure that less news is better news for their tainted candidate Laura Richardson who is running on a 525 FICA score and an inability to pay her own mortgage (yet she expects to be sent back to America to clean up the finances of the feds?).  Regardless of whether the media is following her or not, the fact of the matter is that she is gaining more and more momentum every day.  More and more democrats, independents and otherwise inactive republicans are going out of their way to hear what it is that she has to say.  They are finding out the possibilities that she has in being able to represent them.  I hope that come November 2, 2010 America wakes up to what has been happening here in California.  I hope that they understand that there is such a thing as a “Star Parker Democrat”.

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