STAR PARKER for CONGRESS Townhall – Is She a Reagan Conservative?

This townhall meeting occured on September 9, 2010 at the Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center in Carson.  I was not sure what to expect.  In all honesty, this was the first townhall meeting I had ever been to.  I found it ironic that when I arrived, in a room, somewhere else in the building, in a completely opposing direction, the NAACP was holding some sort of a meeting.  It did not seem that any of them were their to support Star.  There was a pretty decent turnout but not every seat was filled.  I’m okay with this because, this was her first townhall meeting and there is no doubt that she will build momentum from now until November 2. 

I learned a lot of fun facts and tidbits that I did not know before.  Long Beach/Carson has the world’s largest Samoan population outside of the American Samoa; it also has the largest Cambodian population outside of Cambodia.  Rosa B., I can not remember her last name, but she is a high-ranking individual from Somoa, spoke.  Before her John S. (running for the State Senate) spoke.  After listening to him, of course I wished him well, but in this state he will be in an uphill battle against those with no common sense in California.  He reminded us, painfully so, about Northrup Gruman’s big move to Virgnia and Boeing’s big move to Oklahoma.  As someone who is in need of decent paying full-time work, I found his depressing but not surprising.  If I was Northrup Gruman, no doubt I would opt to move to a right to work state like Virginia versus being trapped in a Unionized state like California.

Star is extremely personable and charasmatic when she spoke.  I also found her to be humble but strong.  After she spoke she had a lot of questions thrown to her on a wide variety of topics.  When the death penalty came up, she stated (I’m paraphrasing, though) that some crimes are so horrific that they can only be justly met with the death penalty.  When questions about immigration came up she brought up the analogy of the first car she learned to drive, a stick shift, in which she had to let of the brake while putting a foot on the gas.  She also mentioned her Cambodian, Samoan and constituents from around the world who have family waiting to enter this country LEGALLY.  A few people inquired about her thoughts pertaining to a rent controlled building vs. the owner.  Star said she was not able to take a side because both sides have compelling circumstances.  She said this was a local issue the courts would decide.  She said that a poor element to Section 8 is that those receiving it, can not use it to live where they wish to live, they are restricted to only a few buildings.  I would imagine that these buildings are Tony Rezco-ish but Star did not bring up Obama’s ‘slum land lord’ as Hilary Clinton did in her debate with Obama during the primaries.

I am still learning more about Star Parker.  Is she a Reagan Conservative?  She talked about how she became a conservative/Republican.  She said that somewhere in the 1980’s she looked at the platforms of the two political parties.  She knew that a fetus with its own blood type and DNA was indeed a life.  She went with the pro-life party and never went back.  Star talked about the 50 million lives that have been “legally” aborted in the United States.  In many ways she said this with a note of powerlessness.  However, with her run for the congressional seat of CA-37, Star has a chance to right a horrible wrong.  The main difference between Star Parker and Ronald Reagan, is that Star Parker, perhaps learned her conservativism the hard way.  Reagan may have learned it over time in his life as well, but he never put so much of his personal story out there in the way Star Parker so bravely does.  Again, the townhall meeting was not filled to the max.  I would say it was about one half to two-thirds full.  It made all of this much more ironic.  It is my belief that 20-years from now, a new breed of commentator’s such as Laura Ingrahm, Sean Hannity and so on, will be using the term–‘Star Parker Conservative’ to describe upcoming politicians.  In the end, when this term is used to describe a politician it will carry a sense of honor, strength, leadership and common sense thinking.  It will describe something America will always need, always look for and God willing, will always have.

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