Sarah Palin’s church was burned and set ablaze

I had forgotten all about how Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska was attacked but was reminded of it today.  It was not a big news story was it?  Strange, since she was a governor and former vice presidential candidate.  Not a bleep of a blip from the news sources.  However, when a pow-donk paster of 50 people says he will burn some Koran’s, it’s suddenly the talk of the talk.  Every paper, every other headline and even internationally, every other headline.  We could have treated this pastor of 50 the same way news of Sarah Palin’s church being burned.  Without all the hub-bub, this would not put the troops in so much danger.  In America, you are going to have nutty people.  However, nutty people are irrelevant.  It is the nutty media with their liberal slants that go beyond liberal slants and are much better defined as corrupt journalism.  The liberal media in the United States is much like the Ayatollah Khommenni who blew things in the muslim world out of proportion a la Salmon Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses.    The liberal media wants to blame a pogh donk church of 50 for retaliation against our military, when in fact, it is the media itself.  I am sure the Ayatollah Khommeni would have put blame on all the strife on Salmon Rushdie, not his own actions.  I hope the dumb as nails (dumb ass, to be more accurate) liberal media quits Ayatollah-izing marginal groups doing stuff like this.  This group would have no impact if it were not for them blowing it up and serving it on to the Muslim radicals who seek to destroy us with or without a Gainseville, Florida church.

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