Should We Get Rid of the Draft?

When I ask this question:  Should we get rid of the draft?  I am not referring to the NFL football draft or your own personal fantasy football draft.  I am talking about the one that mandates that all 19 year old males be registered for the draft should we go to war, defense, overseas conflict and the volunteer military can not handle it? 

It has always been my understanding that if you were drafted you likely did not go into the deep zones of Vietnam but were given a more low-key role.  Is it really treating all genders equal to say that all males must register for the draft and females are exempt from this duty?  We would not say only whites can register and not blacks or vice-versa, would we?  I find it highly unfair and wish that the femi-nazis, so-called womens-lib people would do something about this clear discrepancy.  Furthermore, I think that nobody under the age of 21 should even be allowed to enter the military to begin with.  Think about it–even the rental car companies will not allow those under 25 to rent a car from them.  We do not want them drinking alcohol because, no disrespect intended to the under-25s but the plain truth is that their frontal cortex has not yet developed.  We don’t allow them to rent a car or drink alcohol, yet we want to draft them to a war or even allow them to go to our defense overseas to begin with?  People like Dennis Kucinich say that because of this, we should allow all Under-21’s drink alcohol.  I would keep the alcohol policy in place but would shift the age at which people are allowed to serve to a much higher age.  Closer to 30 would make more sense.  You’ll always find people to go to war when they are under 25 but if you don’t have enough 40-somethings willing to go then perhaps we are diminishing the value of the under-25 blood. 

A lot of people flocked to Canada when they did not want to be drafted.  Then, Jimmy Carter gave them amnesty.  I mourn the people lost in Vietnam.  I mourn the people lost in the Civil War and for that matter the Revolutionary War.  All these people, predominately males, died, many never had the chance to be fathers or to become the man that their boyhood would have produced.  It is a shame.  I am sorry about the Khemer Rouge and the darned nutcases in the middle east–sure I do.  However, I wish that these people could pick up a gun and fend for themselves.  It takes so much work, so much effort to raise a boy.  It seems such a shame to destroy it all from them only moments before the frontal c cortex of their brain has fully developed.

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