Did Carly Fiorina or Barbara Boxer win the Sept, 1 2010 debate?

This race is pretty much dead even right now if you go by a lot of the polls out there.  Who won the debate?  Barbara Boxer explained away her condesending treatment to a General, while trying to insists that in her three terms as a California Senator, she has looked out for the military.  Carly Fiorinia drove home a lot of points, particularly, the importance of small government in order to reboost California.  She knows why companies must send jobs oversees or out of state.  Barbara Boxer desperately needed to knock out punch Carly Fiorinia in order to win.  Right now this race is still on.  Lets hope for another debate.  I for one can not wait until the final punch is delivered on November 2nd, 2010.

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