Why is Obama fine with MSNBC/CNN and the networks but not FOX?

It was a wierd moment in time when Anita Dunn and others in the White House were going after Fox News, proclaiming they were not a news organization.  I found this weird particularly when watching the efforts of Catherine Herridge or Conner Powell in Afghanistan, that the President of the United States would be organizing efforts to target what is in fact, like it or not, a legitament news organization.  Indeed, the some of the commentators are in opposition to his policies, and no doubt that no other network out there would allow Karl Rove or Newt Gingrich to speak to the facts as Fox does. 

Shortly before the Obama administration took efforts to rid Fox News from the White House press corp poole, another network, MSNBC, closely linked with NBC news, aired video from a tea party rally.  It featured a man with a legally owned gun on his person.  This clip was being used by MSNBC to illustrate that the people at this rally were white,  racist, gun toting lunatics.  Long story short, it was Fox News who aired the exact same footage but without the meticulously edited version where MSNBC cut out a panning up that revealed the gentleman with the gun was a black man.  MSNBC had edited the clip to essentially, make up their very own story, their very own Judy Blume narrative of what went on at this particular rally.  President Obama, do you have any grievance with this type of so-called journalism?

Silence.  Hello? Anyone out there?

Okay, don’t mind me.  When a black man was beaten down at a rally opposing Obama’s policies in Missouri by SEIOU thugs the other so-called news networks and news organizations burried this story as though it never occured.  It was Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin who illustrated the role of Buffy Wicks in all of this. La-de-da for her that she has her cushy job in the white house for covering up the beating of black man in the state of Missouri by union thugs.

Consider this post a personal letter to President Obama.  This is all acceptable to you?  By the way, Roger Ailes was on the mall in Washington, D.C., the day Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now infamous I have a Dream speech.  Where were all the other liberal hacks?  They were out glorifying Margaret Sanger and scrambling to get legalized abortion clinics built in black neighborhoods all around America.

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