Tales of a Brand New Rush Limbaugh Listener

I was born the day The Washington Post headlines read, “Nixon Resigns” proclaimnig the biggest supposed scandal in American politics.  I remember watching that movie on television (though I think it initially was in movie theaters), All the Presidents Men.  It illustrated all of the chivalry behind the two whistle-blowers Woodward & Bernstein who brought down the presidency.  The irony here is that Bill Clinton in the 1990’s had piles of files in his white house on political opponents which were taken by completely abusing his powers of the executive office.  What did The Washington Post and all the main stream media so-called journalists have to say about that?  Not much.  I have to admit that much of my adult life has been spent listening to the FM dial and the only time I turned to the AM dail really for a brief period of time was during the November 2000 recount. 

Then there was a random day during the primaries of the 2008 election when I got sick listening to the same Matchbox 20 song ten times a day and turned to the AM once again.  I came by Rush Limbaugh’s show.  Rush had Bill Clinton on his show and Bill was talking with his Arkansas drawl about how disgruntled he was about the whole fairy tale thing.  It was hilarious.  I’ve tuned into him more and more since then and typically have the AM on over the FM.  Nobody had ever told me about “Cafe Standards.”  These government regulations on family cars begat the Sports Utility Vehicle.  Never before had anyone gone over the differences between Fed Ex, UPS and the USPS.

When Maxine Waters condemned Rush Limbaugh from buying into the Pittsburgh Steelers, this spade should have been called a spade.  A member of congress encrouching on an individual’s right to enter into a business agreement based on his political views, based on his speech.  Indeed, she violated Rush’s freedom of speech. Long story short, Rush did not end up buying into the NFL franchise. 

Rush Limbaugh is much like the movie Juno.  Liberals can not stand him or that movie because people took note of it and it made sense.  In the movie Juno, the main character enters into an abortion clinic to have an abortion; but, upon hearing the words “fingernails” she backs out of the place.  Clarence Thomas, in a 60 minutes interview attributed the backlash against him to the abortion issue.  I think Justice Thomas is absolutely correct.  I believe Rush would be tolerable to libs if only he were not so darned pro-life.  I think libs would like the film Juno better if only the main character didn’t dwell on those darned fingernails. 

One of the episodes of Oprah I remember most–and I can not remember if I was in elementary, middle or high school–but I do remember the episode itself, featured Cher, Demi Moore and Sissy Spacek.  Oprah and her audience cheered for the guests who had chosen at some point in their lives to abort their fetus.  There was never any point in the show that anyone mentioned that the fetus was issued it’s own blood-type, genetic code, gender and had a heartbeat separate from those who chose to abort him or her. 

Apparently Rush has been on for over two decades and I often wish I had met his radio program earlier.  I had heard of the name but must have heard it lumped with names like David Duke or the Ku Klux Klan and never took the time to follow up.  Maybe he had been the butt of a David Letterman or Jay Leno joke and he came across as sounding uncool based on their joke.  I do not listen to Rush everyday, nor do I listen to the whole broadcast in its entirety.  I do listen to it as I’m driving to work or to do an errand in the morning.  (On the west coast his show is 9am-12, not 12-3). 

It is kind of funny that CNN did a whole report on how Rush and people who listen to him are bullies, which I confess made me stop and as myself—gosh, am I a bully?  All I know for sure is that when Rush is harrassed, I too, have feelings that somebody is harassing me.  When Rush Limbaugh is dissed and mocked, I too feel like they are dissing and mocking me.  When Rush is called a racist bigot, I too feel like they are throwing this label onto me.  It is then that I feel that all this harassing, mocking, dissing and untrue lies being told about me are actually toughening me up, and allowing me to wear a red badge of courage.  I think back to many things that were fed to me in the public school’s I attended and with only some exceptions, feel that I have in fact, been indoctrinated and not really educated.  I likely will never call into the program but from here on out I will be listening.  You might not be able to call me a “long time Rush Limbaugh” listener, but I sure as heck am a brand new Rush Limbaugh.  You can bet your bottom dollar that as a parent, I feel my children will need to be given proper time to hear what this guy has to say about liberalism, conservatism, America and the world.  Mmmm.  Mmmmm. Mmmm.

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