Jennifer Griffin vs. Katie Couric vs. Barbara Walters vs. S.E Cupp

Back in the day Barbara Walters was a big deal.  If you were a girl back in the 1980’s she was the epitome of a credible journalist.  However, more recently, times have changed.  A big moment for her came when she talked about a vibrator somewhere in a drawer.  Would Walter Cronkite talked about the tube socks in his drawer while on national television?  I could see Brian Williams talking about his tube socks but not Cronkite.  Then you have Katie Couric who got bored with her morning television gig on the Today show and became anchor of the nightly news on CBS.  Unfortunately, nobody watches her because she is very difficult to take seriously.  Not because she is a woman but because ever since the 2000 election, she has been sprinkling in her thoughts to the hard news programming.  It is an extremely poor presentation and it must be quite embarassing for her that her viewership often does not beat the viewership of cable news.  The majority of Americans do not get cable because they simply can not afford it or choose not to create another utility bill for themselves in exchange for more TV stations. 

This brings me to S.E. Cupp who is more of a commentator.  I have not yet made up my mind about S.E. Cupp .  At times she comes off as quite articulate.  However, she substituted for Tim Conway Jr. on the radio stations in southern California and she came across as kind of ditzy (more on this another time).   I see her as more of a non-liberal Joy Behar.  Jennifer Griffin, the Fox News correspondent who I have never seen sitting behind a desk because she is constantly out in the field.  She was on a hiatus due to a harsh case of breast cancer but has recently returned.  Upon her return where was she?  Afghanistan.  I often wonder if it is worth my money to come up with the money for cable.  When I consider returning to a TV world where Katie Couric and Barbara Walters dominate vs. the integrity you will see with Jennifer Griffin on the cables, the decision is quite clear.  I will keep my cable and cancel my heating bill.

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