What Shirley Sherrod and Gordon Gekko Have in Common

Remember the movie Wall Street when Gordon Gekko infamously said: “Greed is Good”?  Everyone has taken Gordon Gekko out of context.  If you listen to the full content of that speech, he actually goes on to say that it is “Greed for Love…” and other good, honorable things.  He and his speech were actually quite classy.

Now, remember Shirley Sherrod’s speech where she states that she could not help a white person because they were not her kind?  The main stream media, including FOX, went out of their way to set the so-called record straight.  Sherrod, like Gekko, had a good message in her speech if you listened in its entirety. She loves white people so long as they are poor white people, not middle or upper-middle class.

Gekko and Sherrod with their inspirational speeches at the respectable shareholders meeting and to the NAACP were merely ways to spout their true philosophies.

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