A Rose is a Rose; A Mosque at Ground Zero is a Mosque at Ground Zero

This is what the so-called-main-stream media does not get:  We get  that those who wish to build a mosque at ground zero have the religious right to do so…but does the main stream media get that we the people have the freedom of speech to say that the doctrine of common sense this is totally wrong.  We have not recovered from our loss.  We have not built our own memorial.  It is not a local New York issue as Pearl Harbor was not a Hawaii issue. If you remember how the 911 attackers used more symbols than a poet laureate: United and American airlines; the tallest buildings in the financial districts…They used our freedoms to have flying lessons and travel about freely, over-staying on student visas…Building this building in the heart of a financial district is a brutal extension of that day and the plotted symbolism that occurred on that day.

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